do managerial discretion and incentives explain accuracy 1386/07/14 ssrn Management Accounting Systems Adoption Decisions 1386/07/14 ssrn A Narrative Research Review of the Risk Perception Literature in Behavioral Accounting and Behavioral Finance 1386/07/14 ssrn EQUILIBRIUM EARNINGS MANAGEMENT,INCENTIVE CONTRACTS, AND ACCOUNTING STANDARDS 1386/07/14 ssrn Behavioral Finance in Corporate Governance-Independent Directors and Non-Executive Chairs 1386/07/14 ssrn CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR MODERN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS 1386/07/14 ssrn A MANAGEMENT CONTROL PERSPECTIVE ON FINANCIAL 1386/07/14 ssrn DAI MERCATI EFFICIENTI 1386/07/14 ssrn is there a next stage in case research for management accounting 1386/07/14 ssrn The effect of accounting restatements on earnings revisions and the estimated cost of capital 1386/07/14 ssrn Using Behavioral Finance to Bridge the Expertise Gap 1386/07/14 ssrn an entropy theory of psychology and its implication to behavioral finance 1386/07/14 ssrn lessons from behavioral finance for retirement plan design 1386/07/14 ssrn global evidence on incentives for voluntray accounting disclosures and the effect on cost of capital 1386/07/14 ssrn the strategic scorecards an instrumentation of the strategic management accoounting 1386/07/14 ssrn Optimal Incentive Contracts with Accounting Method Choice 1386/07/14 ssrn influencing contingencies on management accounting practices in estonian manufacturing companies 1386/07/14 ssrn does irrationality disappear with wealth 1386/07/14 ssrn discretionary accounting accruals managers incentives and audit fess 1386/07/14 ssrn Do Accounting Standards influence the Level of Earnings Management 1386/07/14 ssrn stock returns aggregate earnings surprises and behavioral finance 1386/07/14 SSRN Accounting Discretion Corporate Governance and Firm Performance 1386/07/14 ssrn from efficient market theory to behavioral finance 1386/07/14 ssrn a survey of behavioral finance 1386/07/14 ssrn testing behavioral finance theories using trends and sequences in financial performance 1386/07/14 SSRN The New Managerialism and Diversity on Corporate Boards of Directors 1386/07/10 ssrn increasing accounting majors and minors in the introductory managment accounting course 1386/07/10 ssrn Using Psychology Theories in Archival 1386/07/10 SSRN graphics and guidelines for theory-consistent empirical research 1386/07/10 SSRN using powerpoint in the finance classroom 1386/07/10 SSRN managerial discretion and accounting for research and development costs 1386/07/10 SSRN three residual income valuation methods and discounted cash flow valuation 1386/07/10 SSRN environmental accounting in fiji 1386/07/10 SSRN new evidence based on deferred tax expene 1386/07/10 SSRN is the opportunity cost of idle capacity zero 1386/07/10 SSRN historical cost and price-level accounting an study for brazilian companies 1386/07/10 ssrn discussion of contracting theory and accounting 1386/07/10 SSRN conjectures regarding empirical managerial accounting research 1386/07/09 ssrn the case of business to business internet firms 1386/07/09 ssrn Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper Series 1386/07/09 ssrn financial accounting information and corporate governance 1386/07/09 ssrn an economic and ethical approach to reducing the cost of education 1386/07/09 ssrn organizational design and management accounting change 1386/07/09 ssrn evidence from china's accounting-based regulation of rights issues 1386/07/09 sssrn contracting theory and accounting 1386/07/09 ssrn a value-based management perspective 1386/07/09 ssrn ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS GIVING RISE TO VARIATIONS IN NATIONAL MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING PRACTICE 1386/07/09 ssrn the role of historical cost 1386/07/09 ssrn contribution to valuation theory limitations and empirical applications 1386/07/09 ssrn VARIATIONS IN NATIONAL MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING APPROACHES 1386/07/09 ssrn the effects of state budget policy on research university indirect cost recovery rates and management accounting 1386/07/09 ssrn a review of the earnings management literature and its implications for standard setting 1386/07/09 ssrn providing managerial incentives cash flows versus accrual accounting 1386/07/09 ssrn Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow Corporate Finance and Takeovers 1386/07/09 ssrn Managerial Behavior Agency Costs and Ownership Structure 1386/07/09 ssrn accounting information and the prediction of farm viability 1386/07/09 ssrn boom and bust patterns in the adoption of financial innovations 1386/07/09 ssrn market efficiency long term returns and behavioral finance 1386/07/09 ssrn A COMPARISON OF DIVIDEND, CASH FLOW, AND EARNINGS 1386/07/09 ssrn markrt efficiency long term returns and behaviorial finance 1386/07/09 ssrn market pricing beyond the efficient market hypothesis 1386/07/09 ssrn combining earning and book value in equity valuation 1386/07/09 ssrn asset pricing 1386/07/09 ssrn agency costs of free cash flow corporate finance and takeovers 1386/07/09 ssrn accounting conservatism the quality of earnings and stock returns 1386/07/09 ssrn choice avoidance in managerial accounting decisions 1386/07/09 ssrn Conservatism in Accounting Part II: Evidence and Research Opportunities Ross L. Watts 1385/06/07 SSRN Publishing in the Majors: A Comparison of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing EDWARD P. SWANSON 1385/06/07 SSRN The Acquiescent Gatekeeper: Reputational Intermediaries, Auditor Independencethe Governance of Accounting John C. Coffee, Jr. 1385/06/07 SSRN Experimental Research in Financial Accounting Robert Libby 1385/06/07 SSRN Financial accounting and corporate governance:a discussion Richard G. Sloan* 1385/06/07 SSRN The Sensitivity of Corporate Governance Systems to the Timeliness of Accounting Earnings* Robert Bushman 1385/06/07 SSRN THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS IN TRANSITIONAL ECONOMIES: A STUDY OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Elizabeth Eccher 1385/06/07 SSRN R&D ACCOUNTING AND THE TRADEOFF BETWEEN RELEVANCE AND OBJECTIVITY Paul M.Healy 1385/06/07 SSRN Disclosure Practices, Enforcement of Accounting Standards and Analysts' Forecast Accuracy An International Study Ole-Kristian Hope 1385/06/07 SSRN Domestic Accounting Standards, International Accounting Standards, and the Predictability of Earnings Hollis Ashbaugh 1385/06/07 SSRN Accounting Conservatism and the Valuation of Acconting Numbers:Edivdence on the Felthem - Ohlson(1996)model S.ahmed 1385/06/07 SSRN Empirical Research on Accounting Choicea Thomas Fields 1385/06/07 SSRN Assessing empirical research in managerial accounting: A value-based management perspective! Christopher D. Ittner*, David F. Larcker 1385/06/07 SSRN Scale Effects inCapital Markets-Based Accounting Research Mary E. Barth 1385/06/07 SSRN stock returns and accounting earnings jing liu 1385/06/07 SSRN The Relevance of the Value Relevance Literature For Financial Accounting Standard Setting: Another View Mary E. Barth & William H. Beaver 1385/03/27 SSRN Capital markets research in accounting1 S.P. Kothari 1385/03/27 SSRN Earnings Management:Reconciling the Views of Accounting Academics, Practitioners, and Patricia M. Dechow and Douglas J. Skinner 1385/03/27 SSRN Accounting Conservatism, the Quality of Earnings,and Stock Returns Stephen H. Penman &Xiao-Jun Zhang 1385/03/27 SSRN Corporate Governance and Accounting Scandals Anup Agrawal and Sahiba Chadha* 1385/03/27 SSRN Conservatism in Accounting Part I: Explanations and Implications Ross L. Watts 1385/03/27 SSRN Conservatism in Accounting William E. 1385/03/27 SSRN Faculty Perceptions and Readership Patterns of Apostolos Ballas& Vasilis Theoharakis 1385/03/27 SSRN Prospect Theory, Mental Accounting, an Momentumd Mark Grinblatt and Bing Hany 1385/03/27 SSRN Market Efficiency and Accounting Research Charles M. C. Lee 1385/03/27 SSRN Contracting Theory and Accounting Richard A. Lambert 1385/03/27 SSRN The Relevance of the Value Relevance Literature For Financial Accounting Standard Setting William E 1385/03/27 SSRN Incentives Versus Standards: Properties of Accounting Income in Four East Asian Countries and Implications for Acceptance of IAS William E 1385/03/27 SSRN The Occurrence and Timing of Events:The Application of Event History Models in Accounting and Finance Research Marc J. LeClere 1385/03/27 SSRN
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